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Our company is run by a large group of individuals who have a vast base of knowledge and experience in the free hosting world. These people enjoy working with free hosting and free hosting users, and you will always find us eager to assist you and make your experience here better.

000SPACE was launched in March 2009 to provide a replacement for 110MB free hosting. While previous 110MB reviews were positive, the company recently downgraded its service and took a lot of features from many users, so we knew we had an opportunity to do better. Because we already run a large Web hosting company and had extra capacity for a new free web host that was kind to its users, we decided to launch 000SPACE.

Our company makes money by referring users to securesignup.net for paid hosting. So you never have to worry about us running out of money or going out of business. Your Website is safe and secure with us!

There are two ways to contact us for support. The best way is by opening a support ticket from within your free hosting login. The ticket support team runs 24/7/365 and is always available to assist you. However, if you cannot login to your account because it is locked or you forgot your password, you may open a support request from our webmaster forum. You will see that we now have a section of the forum dedicated to the support of our 000SPACE users. Note: It is never safe to share your password on a forum, even ours! When requesting support on the forum, post just your username!

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